Launch of Crowd Justice Fund

Thu, 2020-01-02 14:47 -- admin

We are seeking to challenge development of around 4 acres of the Pinewoods to allow for expansion of Harrogate Spring Water. The planned development on an area known locally as Rotary (or Centenary) Wood will see the plastic bottling plant double in size.

We are looking to raising £5,000 for our legal advisors to continue to support and challenge this proposal. The land has some protection as was granted an “asset of community value” in 2015 under the Localism Act.

However, as part of the outline planning application our lawyers intervened that meant the advice given to the planning committee was amended (but unfortunately the outline planning was still granted).
We need to ensure that each decision is challenged where able under the various legislation.

The next stages are expected to be:
- Submission of a full planning application
- Harrogate Council to undertake a full public consultation on the loss of public space
- Consultation on the loss of a “Community Asset”

The funds will allow us to retain legal support to ensure that all required steps are undertaken and the public has a fair opportunity to be consulted.

It is vital with the climate emergency that green space and mature trees are preserved – and not replaced with a factory producing plastic bottled water. Please help us save this woodland - donations of any value will be very appreciated!

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