Support for Irongate Field Application

Sat, 2018-01-13 10:11 -- admin

We urgently need 5 mins of your time to help protect part of the Pinewoods, Irongate Field.

As you may be aware the Pinewoods Conservation Group (PCG) applied for Pinewoods to be a “Designated Green Space” as part of Harrogate Council new local plan. Although this was initially refused, on the 2nd attempt the majority of the woods was recommended for designation. Unfortunately, and for reasons we still don’t quite understand, section 10, known as Irongate Field was specifically excluded.

After further discussions with the Council they have agreed to accept a new application specifically for this area. We therefore need PCG members, residents and local businesses to express their support for our application.

Irongate Field History

Irongate Field is situated beside Harlow Moor Road and Harrogate Spring Water Limited. The site is a mix of open land and semi-mature trees. It is part of the Pinewoods footprint and included in the councils Pinewoods 10 Year Management plan. In 2014 the PCG led on a project to install picnic tables, add new trees and develop wildflower areas. You can read more about the project here.

The area has now become well established over the last 4 years with wildflowers and new planting taking hold. The area is popular for dog walkers and families using the picnic benches. The increase in insect life is also very noticeable. Many pictures can be found here.

What Do I Need to Do?

We need a letter or email sent to including your name and full address. The letter should specifically mention Irongate Field and your support for it being designated as a green space within the new local plan.

Letters can be relatively short but need to show why you think the area should be protected.

What Should I Include?

There will be no single answer as to why you may see this area as special and the more unique the letter of support the better it will be. However, you may wish to consider the below points:

-          The field is one of few open spaces for children to play and for dogs to be exercised.

-          Over 2000 wildflowers have been planted to support and encourage bio-diversity of the land.

-          Many manuals, insects and birds are now seen within this area. With your support we produced a full list here.

-          The area is a key route from Harlow Moor Road to Crag Lane/Birk Crag.

-          Many groups help support the area, including local businesses, Horticap and youth groups ensuring continued maintenance and improvements.

If you are able to take pictures of the area to support the above this will strengthen your support and will be included in the overall submission.


Responses are needed by 26th January to allow for a submission by month end. We estimated that between 50 and 100 letters of support are needed so really grateful for your support. As always, we will keep you updated on progress!

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