Pinewoods Superhero Treasure Trail

Tue, 2019-07-23 08:57 -- admin
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Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 09:00
The Pinewoods

We are pleased to confirm the launch of our summer project - the Pinewoods Superhero Treasure Trail. See the full press release here -

With funding via Harrogate Council and UCI, visitors are able to complete hidden tasks around the Pinewoods to come a Superhero via our secret codes.
The game will be available from today until after the UCI races in September with a prize draw for a great prize for one our correct entries.
Full details (best viewed on a mobile phone) can be found via:

Here's how it works...….
Our amazing Pinewoods superheroes have devised a cunning series of trials to challenge your super powers of vision, problem solving and exploring. Find the clues, solve all the puzzles and complete the training to become a superhero!
1. Use the online map to find the 10 QR codes hidden around Pinewoods
2. Scan the QR codes with your phone's camera
3. The code will take you to a problem to solve or task to complete
4. Complete the tasks, jot down all of your answers and keep them safe
​5. When you've solved all the mysteries, register your details and enter your answers online via

Please share your photos online when taking part!

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